Why do we need PR in education marketing? 

Selling to schools is a challenge. First, you need to capture your audience’s attention and once you have it, you then must convince them to act.

Motivating people to change something they do in the classroom, or across the whole school requires you to be persuasive, trustworthy and inspiring. As humans, we naturally like to stick to what we know. 
This is where PR can be incredibly effective. Why? PR is fundamentally different to marketing because it is not based on buying our attention; it is earned attention. PR is all about securing attention based on merit. When an impartial third party is doing the talking, it implicitly communicates to your audience that what you’re doing is important.

Getting teachers talking about you

The media gets us all talking; to our friends, colleagues and families. We share things with each other; tips, advice and opinions. Those in education are exactly the same, and that includes the half a million people who are teachers.

Coverage in the media gets teachers talking about you and what you do. It powers thousands of social media shares and posts every single day. It builds your credibility and engages your audience. Because however much you tell your audience what you do is amazing, they’re unlikely to believe it or act on it until they hear from a colleague or friend. It’s human nature.

PR vs. Marketing

Many of our clients ask us why they should invest in PR over marketing? At Pedroza Comms, we see how the strongest brands are built on what people are saying about them, rather than what they are saying about themselves.

Creating engaging marketing content is important but you need to build your foundations on trust. Trust is fundamental in driving your audience to support your brand and share your content. This is where you can leverage PR to demonstrate that the wider world is interested in your brand and what you are doing.

Coverage on a platform or in a publication is an implicit endorsement and a valuable way to build and establish trust with audiences and prospective investors too.

PR also strengthens your position as an expert in your field. If a platform or publication is citing your opinion, that further reinforces trust in your brand.

So why do we need PR in education marketing? Because a third-party endorsement is the most effective way to build trust with your audience, to raise your profile and to strengthen your brand.

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