CommsED Nov 2019

For those in comms and marketing, education is a challenging sector. It’s highly political, the workforce is fragmented and behaves more like a consumer market than a business one. Most importantly, the stakes are high – after all, we’re dealing with children’s futures.

So, although we love it, being an education comms and marketing professional can be tough.

CommsED is our way of making things easier. Everything we do is based on a belief that a problem shared is a problem halved. We run CommsED because we think it’s good to have a chat, a laugh and even a moan with people that do similar things to you.

We hosted our second CommsED event in November and it is clear that what we’re doing is working. We have a growing waiting list, more people turned up than we could fit in and no-one wanted to leave. Clear signs of success!

Shelley Morgan, the driving force behind Bett 2020, described it as: “Small, intimate, and enough time to talk to people.” More than anything, people told us it made them feel special.

Andrew Carrick, comms strategy expert and fresh out of agency land, summed it up: “We’re a special niche with some lovely people who do comms AND care about their education world, so it’s nice to meet like-minded people with the same challenges who probably work on their own or in tiny teams.”

Finally, a shout out to Roxhill, the leading real-time media intelligence platform, who sponsor CommsED and kept us all hydrated. A couple of glasses of wine are always appreciated by the education comms crowd!

If you’d like to know more about CommsED, please get in touch with Anna or Susan: or