Research and PR – can we do better?

We work a lot with our clients on research related PR – it seems particularly important in the education sector. But at times, we do feel there is more we could have got from the research if we’d be involved at an earlier stage.

Our founder, Anna Pedroza, has put fingers to keyboard to write about this topic for the CIPR’s Influence magazine. Covering topics from PRs needing to build their research skills, to reducing organisational research silos, to understanding what makes a great research headline, the article is a fascinating read.

If you’re a CIPR member you can read the article here:–could-we-do-better-

If you’re not a CIPR member then do get in touch and Anna would love to share some of her thinking.

Finally, for an example of our research based work our case study about PrimarySite is worth checking out.