Education publications: a useful directory

In the first of our new regular feature, we’re introducing you to some of our favourite education-sector publications and platforms that we think you should know about. First up, we take a look at some of the most popular publications and platforms aimed at the primary sector. 

You’ll no doubt be aware of some of these publications already, but if you’re planning a new campaign and you want to reach out to people in the education sector, it’s a good idea to start building yourself a database. By familiarising yourself with these publications, keeping up-to-date with their writers, and understanding their editorial angle, you can make sure your letter will genuinely interest them and land you the coverage you need.

We’ve done some of the research for you and included useful details such as their circulation, topics they cover and their social media links, so you can start to build your own bespoke press database. Don’t forget you can connect with any editors who are on Twitter too! We’ve provided the links.

We’d love to know what you think of our selection. Have you had any success pitching to any of these publications? Are there any key primary sector publications you think we’ve missed? If you’d like to know more about how to approach these education-sector publications with a press release or pitch, then get in touch.


Teach Primary Magazine

Teach Primary provides teaching ideas, resources and professional development. Their contributors include leading experts and practitioners who are trusted by teachers, such as Mick Waters, Sue Cowley, Michael Tidd and Professor Mike Askew. They also have a substantial following on Twitter, particularly in comparison to many other primary publications, which is great news for anyone featured as they share many of their stories. Teach Primary is part of The Teach Company, which also includes the publications Teach Secondary, Primary School Management and Teach Wire.

Fact file

  • Circulation: 22000, distributed to primary schools free of charge and sold on the news stand in WH Smith and other outlets
  • When they publish: monthly publication, glossy magazine format
  • Audience: core audience is primary teachers and other teaching staff
  • Focus/editorial: news, events, product reviews, KS1 / KS2 learning resources (including free lesson plans) as well as features to support NQTs, SEN, and other specialist roles
  • Editor: Elaine Bennett
  • What to pitch: articles from teachers talking about what works in the classroom, news items about competitions and initiatives for primary teachers, Q&As with celebrities or well respected public figures

Social Media Links

Teach Primary has a large and active following on Twitter.

Headteacher Update

Headteacher Update is a free half-termly magazine and regular ebulletin that features up-to-date best practice and resources. It is the only magazine that is sent to every UK primary school headteacher in the UK, so if primary headteachers are your target audience, it is a key publication to target. Headteacher Update is owned by Mark Allen Group which also includes SecEd and Primary Teacher Update.

Fact file

  • Circulation: 24,000 hard copy and email newsletter
  • When they publish: every half term during the academic year
  • Audience: head teachers and leadership teams in primary schools
  • Focus/editorial: news analysis, teaching topics, CPD, reports on new research, whole school issues and leadership. Articles tend to be quite long 1200+ words, so be ready to tackle quite a detailed topic. At the beginning of the publication there is a short resources section which carries reviews, research updates and forthcoming events.
  • Editor: Pete Henshaw
  • What to pitch: articles from head teachers, or other primary school leaders, about any leadership issues (see above), news

Social Media Links

Headteacher Update has a Twitter account, which is run by their Editor, Pete Henshaw who is also on Twitter.

Primary Teacher Update

Also owned by Mark Allen Group, Primary Teacher Update is an online magazine that supports anyone involved in primary teaching. The online magazine aims to provide the latest best practice on the methods of teaching and thinking from the classroom, along with practical suggestions to help teachers apply this in the primary school environment.

Fact file

  • Circulation: 7000 online publication and resource of more than 2000 articles
  • When they publish: Monthly
  • Audience: Everyone that teaches in primary schools
  • Focus/editorial: Teaching and learning in the primary classroom focusing on best practice
  • Editor: Karen Faux
  • What to pitch: First person case studies about classroom practice

Social Media Links

Primary Teacher Update has a Twitter account, although it is not regularly updated.

Primary School Management

Primary School Management is unique in that it provides school business professionals and headteachers with advice and information relating to the organisational and logistical aspects of running a primary school. They show best practice in anything from from planning an annual budget to redeveloping the school grounds. This publication is part of TeachCo, which also includes Teach Secondary and Teach Wire.

Fact file

  • Circulation: 19,600 copies of the title are distributed to schools across England and Wales
  • When they publish: monthly publication with a glossy magazine format
  • Audience: all those involved in the management of schools. School business practitioners including school business managers, bursars, finance directors, and school administrator
  • Focus/editorial: Primary School Management provides helpful advice and information relating to all the organisational and logistical aspects of running a primary school.
  • Editor: Callum Fauser
  • What to pitch: articles by school business professionals, or other experts, covering subjects such as budgeting, energy procurement or supplier management

Social Media Links

Primary School Management is not active on Social Media.


Last but not least, no list would be complete without the Tes. Although it covers primary and secondary schools and colleges it is critical in any campaign where you want to reach primary because of its massive reach. It covers a great deal of primary related editorial and this is collated in a primary section of the website.

Fact File

  • Circulation: 58,000 print & 185m online
  • When they publish: weekly glossy magazine, press day is Wednesday plus daily on their website
  • Audience: all those teaching, leading and managing schools
  • Focus/editorial: everything to do with teaching and schools including education policy, teacher welfare, comment, news and big issues.
  • Editor: Ann Mroz plus a team of journalists
  • What to pitch: opinion and comment from well recognised experts, interviews with celebrities about their own experience of education, articles by primary leaders and teachers about teaching and learning, whole school issues, education policy or new education research findings

Social Media Links

Tes has a huge active following on Twitter and they post regularly. You can also follow the Tes Editor Ann Mroz and Head of Content Ed Dorrell on there too. Tes is also active on Facebook.

In our next piece in this series, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite publications aimed at secondary. Sign up to our mailing list for this and other practical advice, news and tips to help you reach an education sector audience.