TDT analysis shows CPD spend has fallen by £23.2 million

I’m very proud to be a Trustee of the Teacher Development Trust (TDT). Earlier this month the Trust released the results of new analysis they conducted into schools’ Continued Professional Development (CPD) budgets. The analysis was undertaken by school data specialists School Dash.

The report, which includes schools across the UK, shows that spending on CPD has fallen by £23.2 million in 12 months, with spending falling by 12% in secondary schools and 7% for primary schools.

These results come after the National Foundation for Educational Research voiced concerns about the value of CPD, especially for newly trained teachers starting in the classroom.

TDT’s Chief Executive, David Weston, has warned that funding constraints are to blame for the huge drop in spending on CPD, although it has also been suggested that more schools and trusts are choosing to train staff in-house as a most cost-effective alternative.

You can read the full report here and it’s also been reported in Schools Week and The Independent.