The Bett Show: 5 ways to secure brilliant PR

The Bett Show is the biggest education technology show in the world. More than 40,000 people visit the show and hundreds of companies, organisations and governments exhibit each year. Whether your priority is generating new leads, closing sales, or building new partnerships, check out our top tips for getting the right people to visit your stand.

For a more detailed guide to securing brilliant PR before, during and after the Bett Show, click here to view and download our Bett 2019 Guide. 

Plan ahead

Get your Bett marketing plan in place well in advance of the event. In the run-up to Bett, many education publications produce previews featuring highlights of what’s happening at the event. There’s only a little while left and competition to be featured is fierce, so this a priority and you won’t regret it!

Identify your target audience

To get the right people talking about you, it’s essential to identify who you want to reach and what you want to tell them. Are they secondary teachers, primary head teachers, or ICT coordinators? Be clear whom you want to target.

Research your media list

There are thousands of media outlets, so do your research to understand your target audience. Talk to your existing customers and find out what they read, watch, and engage with when they are in ‘work mode’. You can check out some of our favourite Primary Education Publications for inspiration.

Create a newsworthy story

Journalists and bloggers need to have something that’s new, timely and relevant to write about. How can you create something that will grab their attention? Think about what is most newsworthy, what will appeal to the audience, and help to set you apart.

Pitch your story

It is worthwhile preparing a press release about your news, but pitching a story to a journalist is much more than simply emailing them your press release. Our Bett 2019 Guide is packed with practical tips on how to structure and send your press release.

There are plenty more ways that we can help you to make the most of Bett 2019. For more detailed information and tips, download our full Bett 2019 Guide. You can also get in touch and let us help you plan and deliver a campaign that will get your voice heard. Good luck with Bett 2019!