First News host children’s EU Referendum debate


First News, the UK’s only newspaper for young people, have invited children aged 7 to 14 to take part in the Children’s Referendum debate around whether the UK should stay in or leave the EU.

Teachers across the country have put forward children from their schools to represent both sides of the debate, taking place today (23 May) in Westminster. We are very excited about this initiative and are working with First News to encourage children to have their say. All children can take part in First News’ online poll, which will close on Monday 13 June and the results will be announced on 17 June.

First News Editor, Nicky Cox MBE, says: “The Children’s Referendum will provide a voice for the future generation in this debate, the very people who will be most affected by the decision. Giving children a solid understanding and involving them in the discussion is critical. In my view, parents and teachers have a very important role in helping children to get access to the facts and we will do our best to help support them.

“We know how passionately engaged children are with what goes on in the world around them – from terrorism to the refugee crisis and, right now, the EU referendum. Kids want to know what’s happening and when the facts are explained in language they understand, they really get it.”

On 3 June 2016 First News will release a special report on the issues behind the EU referendum. A full pack of useful teaching resources including debate formats, activities to help spot bias and develop opinion will be available for all subscribing schools. Samples of these resources including background information on the EU and tips on structuring a debate are already available for free, so please take a look.

Please help us support this excellent initiative on Twitter using the hashtags #FNEURef and #FNInorOut.