Education PR – 5 tips to securing coverage

We continue in our mission to support organisations in the education sector by giving you our top tips to securing broadcast TV and radio coverage for your event, brand or product.

Securing broadcast radio or TV coverage is one of the best ways to reach the hearts and minds of a large consumer audience. Without the support of an education PR professional, you might think that a TV interview or radio spot is out of reach. While securing that all-important feature can be a challenge, it certainly isn’t impossible. Whether you’re a small start up or a global business, there are things you can do to help your pitch get to the top of the pile.

Read on for 5 ways to improve your chances of securing broadcast coverage for your brand, event or product.

1. What’s the story?

An engaging story is the most important part of your pitch. Your story needs to tell people something new and it needs to be relevant right now. It should spark interest and drive conversation. Test your story out on your friends and colleagues. Are they engaged? Do they want to know more? If your story gets them talking, then you’re on to a winner!

2. Make it snappy

Keep your pitch short and snappy. If you can’t deliver your story in one line, go back to the drawing board. Focus on the most important parts of your story – what makes it new, relevant and interesting? If you can give your journalist a strong headline, they’re more likely to keep on reading.

3. Think about the visuals

If you’re pitching for a TV spot, you need to offer a visual element, something they can film! In education PR we’re lucky because often stories involve children and young people doing things which can be really engaging footage. Schools, colleges and universities can be great for filming locations as well. Always explain what you can offer in your pitch.

4. Choose your target

Make sure you are targeting the right media outlet for your story. Is your story of regional or national interest? Is your story more suited to radio or TV (or both)? Is there a journalist with a specific interest in the education sector or something linked to your story? Invest time in targeting the right people and media outlets and you’ll improve your chances of getting their attention.

5. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste!

There is nothing worse than securing a news story, only to discover that the presenter or programme fails to mention key details about your organisation and campaign. Put forward a strong spokesperson and brief them thoroughly to ensure they deliver the key message, no matter what!

And there you have it. Pitching to secure broadcast coverage is a challenge but following these 5 tips will help you stand out from the competition. Good luck!

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