Ed tech to do list – extra

Following our last post on the ed tech to do list for the new government two things have changed. We actually got a new government much quicker than any of us expected (until that exit poll) and we now know that public funding is going to get tighter. We don’t know what that means for education but it is hard to imagine it will lead to greater funding.

Josh Davidson, one of the founders of Night Zookeeper, got in touch to share his quick take on what it all means for ed tech.

“If I was leaving a note for the new govt it would simply say:  I’m afraid to tell you, there is worryingly little education technology in schools!”

Josh added: “It is a sad fact that we are currently selling more Night Zookeeper subscriptions to schools outside of the UK than within it. We need to simplify the procurement process schools here go through and do a better job at shining a spotlight on solutions that make a genuine, high value impact on a child’s education. Ultimately, schools need more funding so that they can begin investing in the adoption of 21st Century learning technologies before the UK gets left behind.”

We couldn’t agree more!