Bridging the gap: edtech and the struggle to level up

A new short report, produced by our client Tassomai, focuses on what needs to happen for edtech software to deliver specific benefits for disadvantaged children and young people.

Bridging the gap: edtech and the struggle to level up draws together key points from a roundtable discussion which included secondary school leaders and teachers, and other key organisations including Education Endowment Foundation, Learning with Parents, Equal Education and ImpactEd.

Chaired by Joe Hallgarten, CEO of the Centre for Education and Youth, the roundtable report highlights three key things where edtech has the potential to help:

  • Data from edtech software can help teachers and leaders to understand more about disadvantaged learners but it needs to be easy to analyse so it can inform teaching and learning decisions which will benefit disadvantaged learners
  • Edtech’s capability to personalise learning to individual students can help teachers to tailor support to individual children which has the potential to narrow the attainment gap
  • Designing edtech software for disadvantaged learners from the start can help to ensure their needs are prioritised

Tassomai is a learning app used by many teachers to provide online homework and revision, Murray Morrison, who is the founder and CEO, commented on the publication of the report saying: “Narrowing the attainment gap remains the key challenge for the education system, especially as we steer our way out of the pandemic.

“Edtech software has huge potential to support and enable effective learning, but there is fervent discussion about how it should be designed and delivered so that it benefits every learner, especially the most disadvantaged.

“This report captures the thrust of those discussions and I hope it will make a valuable contribution as we put the pandemic behind us and focus once again on one of the key challenges we can all play our part in tackling.”

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