BETT education PR – 5 tips for autumn

Exhibiting at BETT is a big investment for any company. If you’ve not had time to start planning your education PR campaign here are five things that are important to start now.

1. Research the media your audience read

There are thousands of media outlets so it’s important to do your research and understand what your target audience consumes. People often think Tes is the key publication in education PR but it depends who you want to reach.

Talk to your existing customers and find out what media the read, watch, and engage with when they are in ‘work mode’. Think big and ask them about:

  • Traditional media (TV, radio, print) – national, regional and local
  • Education sector media – newspapers, magazines, websites and pod casts
  • Social media – education blogs, Tweeters, Instagrammers, and YouTubers

So be open-minded about the media you target and get it right for your audience.

2. Decide what you are launching at BETT ASAP

I’s essential to have something to launch or announce at BETT. There are lots of options: research findings, product launch, competition finalist, partnership, new feature, campaign, to name just a few.

From a PR perspective, think about what is most newsworthy, will appeal to the audience, and help to set you apart. However, the sooner you decide, the more potential there is for PR. See our earlier post about planning for BETT.

3. Nail your case studies

Journalists are much more interested to speaking to your customers than you. Recruiting a small group of your customers (or even just one) who is happy to speak about how your product or service makes a difference can really add to your PR success.

Case studies bring a story to life and make it much easier for others to relate to your news. Also, in the education sector media journalists will be much more open to accepting a teacher-authored article for their publication or website.

4. Add credibility with an expert

Many companies involve experts in the development of their products and services. If this is the case, why not involve them in your PR plans for BETT? Their expert opinion of what you do, and the wider context, gives you another angle to offer to journalists. And, again it is someone other than you talking about your product or service which adds credibility.

5. Secure your coverage in the BETT previews

In the run up to BETT many education publications produce previews featuring highlights of what’s happening at BETT. Competition is fierce to be featured so get started early and make contact in September so you know the deadline dates and have a sense of what journalists want.

Next steps

If this all feels a little alien to you or overwhelming, then get in touch with BETT experts and let us help you plan and deliver a campaign that will get your voice heard.

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