BETT 2019 – start your education PR campaign now

If you’re exhibiting at BETT in January 2019 you’ve already made a major investment – so how do you ensure it delivers everything you hope? With more than 40,000 people visiting the show you need a plan if you’re to maximise your investment and reach the right people who will be interested in what you have to offer.



Timing is everything

The sooner you start to plan your BETT PR campaign the better. Good stories don’t grow on trees – it takes time to plan and develop fantastic PR.

Hundreds of companies will be vying to get the attention of journalists in the run up and during BETT. Give yourself enough time to develop some really creative ideas that will give your story the edge. Below are a few tips, based on years of supporting clients maximise their presence at BETT:

Be clear on your BETT goals

PR isn’t simply about the amount of coverage you secure it has to be relevant to educators and connect clearly with what you do. Think about the stories that readers can easily connect with your offering.

Consider how you want your target audience to react, what you want them to think about your brand, and what you want them to tell others, having read about you.

Don’t miss PR opportunities

You will miss out if you simply upload your press story to the BETT website and email a few journalists the day before BETT starts. Instead research your target media and think about three main PR pushes:

  1. BETT previews – campaign to secure coverage in as many previews as possible. These are mailed out before BETT and delegates use them to help plan their visit.
  2. Pre-BETT news story – break your news just before BETT so that you reach your audience and get on their radar as they plan their visits.
  3. Plan journalist meetings and liaise with the BETT press office to host broadcast opportunities.
Ensure you have the education PR essentials

By getting started now with planning you PR for BETT you can make sure you have all you need in place for success. These are the essentials:

  • New things to announce – product launches, new research, new partnerships or connections, new deals and acquisitions – these all provide valuable talking points.
  • Customers ready to talk – journalists want to know what teachers, head teachers, IT coordinators, and anyone else think about you. They want to hear from the horse’s mouth.
  • Influential supporters – journalists also want to hear from experts that aren’t you! Do you have an influential support who can offer an opinion about your ‘news’?
  • Friends and stakeholders – who can help amplify your message, for instance do your suppliers, partners and or professional bodies have channels that you can use?
  • Brilliant spokespeople – think about who is best to speak from your organisation, (hint: it’s not always the CEO).
In summary

If this all feels a little alien to you or overwhelming, then get in touch with the experts and let us help you plan and deliver a campaign that will get your voice heard.

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